It is a joy for us to present you with a haven for the traveller looking for something out of the ordinary

We pride ourselves on being a unique destination created by artists & designers from around the globe, where comfort meets nature in harmony, and laid back atmosphere and serenity are a priority.

The concept of the Mandala is to provide a serene and peaceful destination in lush Goan nature where inspiration is in abundance.

"What a fabulous little haven...

"...booked for 3 days, but loved it so much we stayed another night..."

"Really has to be seen to be believed!"

"The Mandala is a unique slice of heaven."

"The staff were super friendly and incredibly attentive..."

" extraordinary environment where you instantly feel at home."

"Mandala was without doubt the best place i’ve ever stayed."

"...the Mandala truly exceed our expectations."



Four well-appointed options to choose from to make your stay in Goa a memorable one...



Practice your yoga with our talented teachers or sign up for an upcoming yoga retreat...



Venture out into the beauty of western India. Kayaks, bicycles, overnight camping and more await you... 

This place has been built with love, evident as soon as you arrive

With 14 well appointed rooms in  a variety of unique styles, it is a haven for the traveler looking for something out of the ordinary. The word "Mandala" means the unity of all things in harmony within a space, so whether one chooses to relax on the veranda enjoying the view , kayak down the river to the beach, participate in yoga courses,  join us on a nature and wildlife tour, or enjoy our healthy menu in the Mandala Herb Garden Restaurant….

As said in Hindi .... Sub Kuchh Milega ! Everything is possible... 

A Few Words From Two Of Our Many Wonderful Guests

This is a place for the nature lover !

We are in the middle of lush Goan nature. You may find here often a lone frog bathing in a flower pond or sitting on your writing desk gazing at you contemplatively and you may find massive butterflies the size of your hands. There are numerous colorful birds,  a handful of big bumble bees stopping at flowers for nectar in the early mornings and a few pretty geckos to eat away all the bugs. Sometimes it takes a moment to adjust to living in close proximity to the jungle, so if you've come straight from the city...have a little patience with our natural companions, they mean no harm.  We also have two friendly dogs, Masala and Zen and two incredible cats : Didi, the adventurous one and Rani, the cuddly one.